JJ03 – Han Solo has issues, Xbox One X, SNES Mini, and Transformers

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This week on Joe John we discuss the upcoming Xbox One X. Murray feels its lacking the power Microsoft claims it has and Joe simply does not care. In addition, we also touch on the overall disappointment that E3 was this year. The SNES Classic was announced on the day of this recording and Murray has strong feelings on the fact its ten dollars more than the NES Classic. Not to mention the fact it has nine fewer games.

Joe disapproves of the making a Han Solo Star Wars film. Lord and Miller are dropped as directors of the Han Solo movie with rumors abound. Ron Howard steps in to pick up the pieces with only three weeks of filming left.

Murray reviews the Mandy Moore shark film 47 Meters Down. Joe reviews Michael Bays newest film Transformers The Last Knight, starring Mark Wahlberg. He also gives a quick review of the Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal film Life.

Murray gives Joe some steelbooks as a gift and proceeds to ask Joe about supposedly watching movies naked. This and so much more! Follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @Joejohnshow


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